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About Lamplls

LAMPLLS was born in 2016, which is a high-tech original Taiwan brand focusing on lighting. Its establishment integrates the excellent achievement of “YOUTECH BMC Modern Lighting” which focuses on LED technology for 20 years, it is the combination of “LAMPPLS predecessor” and “YOUTECH”, which represents a strong appearance of an innovative and high-tech lighting brand, which owns the strong technical support power and infinite potential and broaden market.
In accordance with the principle of “Quality first, Integrity first”, LAMPLLS owns the 10000-level modern clean plants and the most advanced LED light source packaging equipment at home and abroad, it adopts the newest intelligent science and technology and the world classic production technology in the design and production of table lamp, ceiling lamp and floor lamp, it devotes itself to creating the forefront lighting brand in the industry for consumers to bring more sufficient functions, fresher patterns and the new lighting art which meets the public aesthetic, it transfers the high-quality and intelligent new life philosophy for people.
LAMPLLS always insists on bringing better lighting for consumers with the economic price; LAMPLLS respects its conscience, provides the cheap and fine lighting products for consumers by direct sales and factory cost.
“Original design, intelligent life, beautiful and practical” is the service aim that LAMPLLS would like to bring to every consumer.